Mr and Mrs Van Ray
7009 Gullane Way / Serrano
916-768-4452 El Dorado Hills
Mr and Mrs Pridemoore
Painted 2013  2030 Powfoot
El Dorado Hills/ Serrano
Mr and Mrs Mclens  
4014 Hawick / Serrano
Exterior Painting 5201 Ironwood Dr / Serrano
For: Lynne Pitts  916-941-1708
Painting Cameron Park
Exterior Painting 4620 Voltair Ct  Cameron Park
For: Hope Marquez  916-233-6593
Exterior Painting 2054 Lamego Way
El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Mr and Mrs vue-panfil 916-939-4076
Painted 2013 6190 Aldea Dr
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
For: Mr and Mrs Christman 916-817-1500
Painted 2013 6121 Southerness
El Dorado Hills / Serrano
For: Mr and Mrs Neimann 916-941-6515 
Painted 2013 4349 Cordero Dr 
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
For: Mr and Mrs Yim  
Painted 2013 4349 Cordero Dr 
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
For: Mr and Mrs Vano
Mr and Mrs Mathis
Painted 2013 4025 Haywick
El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Painting El Dorado Hills
Mr and Mrs Albaugh
Painted 20131187 Souza Dr
 El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Mr and Mrs Dodge
Painted 2013 3960 Royal Troon
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
Mr and Mrs Wills
Painted 20131  4007 Haywick
 El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Painting El Dorado Hills
Mr and Mrs Davis
Painted 2013  3352 Royal Troon
 El Dorado Hills / Serrano

The Paint Spot 
Shingle Springs & Placerville
3965 Durock Rd
Shingle Springs, CA
(530) 676-2651​

Letter of Recommendation
 I would highly recommend Paint Maintenance Company. Rich Horrell, the owner, is professional, kind, calm, easy going and very thorough. Rich went "beyond the call of duty" with respect to the beautiful paint job on my home. He makes the entire process worry free and easy for the home owner. I will be recommending the Paint Maintenance Company to all my friends and family. Lisa Condon-Johnson
Serrano / El Dorado Hills

We are still marveling at the terrific painting job you did on our house – thanks for doing a really OUTSTANDING job!  I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a great painter (and painting company).
Thanks for making our house look new again!

Glenn, Janet & Morgan Young
Serrano / El Dorado Hills 

Thank you so much for the great paint job you did on my mobile home. It came out just as I had hoped and I love it! People stop by to tell me that they love the colors on my house. You  were very professional and meticulous. You worked quickly and quietly, and took time to make it perfect…at a price I could afford!
I have been recommending you to everyone I know.
Thank you so much.

Jane Van Camp
Lake Oaks Mobile Home Park #73​

This company is OUTSTANDING!! We had Rich paint the majority of our home and the detail was OVER the top perfection!! The transition in colors was excellent. The cleanup was spectacular. We intend to hire Rich again for the remainder of our home. We have recommended this company to several friends.
Stef Carpenter / Serrano
El Dorado Hills  

Our neighbors recommended Rich after they had their house painted. I inspected their home and saw that Rich did quality work, so I called him and asked him for an estimate, which we accepted. While he was painting our home, I was impressed by his preparation, which is a key part of painting a house. He was neat and professional in his work, and was responsive to our questions and minor changes we requested once the job was started.
  Jim Pridemoore / Serrano
El Dorado Hills

Rich did a wonderful job painting our home in Serrano. I would reccommend Rich highly and intend to use him again on other properties.

Van and Lisa Ray / Serrano
El Dorado Hills 
Patching the cracks
All edges trimed
Exterior lights restored
Exterior Painting 5266 Garlenda Dr
El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Mr and Mrs Kumar 916-933-6110
Exterior Painting 4080 Ironwood Dr
El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Mr and Mrs Vanacore 916-933-8152
Exterior Painting 4271 Arenzano Dr
El Dorado Hills / Serrano
Mr and Mrs Ludien 916-769-6498

And now Folsom
Not just painted,...Protected!
Serrano / Parkway HOA Preferred Vendor 
Exterior Painting 7005 Tarvisio
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
Mr and Mrs Frost  916-956-9533
Exterior Painting  7067 Hearst Dr
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
Mr and Mrs Hernandez 916-878-9308
Exterior Painting 4020 Hawick
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
Mr and Mrs Young 
Exterior Painting  1607 Terracina 
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
Lisa Condon Johnson 916-941-0550
Exterior Painting 
Mr and Mrs Dougherty 4367 Cordero
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 916-717-5699
Exterior Painting  
Mr and Mrs Clay 3578 Stockwood
  El Dorado Hills (916) 933-4112
Exterior Painting  
Mr and Mrs Chiappe 4531 Gresham
  El Dorado Hills / Serrano  (916)-293-8060
Mr and Mrs Moulin   2040 Outrigger
El Dorado Hills (916)-941-6571
Mr and Mrs Riffaud  6485 Goya 
El Dorado Hills / Serrano (904) 626-5533
Mr and Mrs Faultz  1421 Terracina 
El Dorado Hills / Serrano  (916) 939-5053

Mr and Mrs Brama 8071 Murcia Way
El Dorado Hills / Serrano 
Mr and Mrs Lundien 2291 Beckett
El Dorado Hills / Serrano (916) 769-6498
Mr and Mrs Wolf at 4285 Rimini / Serrano (916) 337-6556
Mr and Mrs Nole at 3379 Cambridge Dr (916) 337-6557
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Mr and Mrs Admeral  4588 Echo Springs / Serrano 916-792-5157
Milauni  at 4603 Tramezzo Way / Serrano 916-710-5056
Terry Streetman  3086 Pescara Place  / Serrano 916-220-0488
Patrick Brown 3082 Pescara Place / Serrano 916-842-4403
Mr and Mrs Souther at 1116 Manning / El Dorado Hills
Mr and Mrs Derbacher at 611 Powers Dr  / El Dorado Hills