The Paint Maintenance Company Residential and  Commercial painting
El Dorado County,  El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park California in El Dorado County 

Five rules for a perfect exterior paint job.

1.) Properly prepare the surface. Even the best quality exterior paint can fail if applied to a dirty or unsound surface.

Clean soon-to-be-painted surfaces with power washing equipment using plain soap and water.

Remove loose, flaking or peeling paint by scraping or wire brushing and feather back rough paint edges by sanding. Especially on repaints, it is necessary to scrape after power washing to remove paint that may not be visibly peeling but has separated from the substrate.
Sand and spot-prime any areas where bare wood shows. When painting a glossy surface, be sure to sand the area to permit the paint to adhere better.

2.) Purchase Benjamin Moore quality paint and follow label directions. Top quality acrylic latex paint is excellent for most exterior applications and will provide the best-looking and longest-lasting paint job. Acrylic latex paint offers many advantages including superior adhesion when applied to a properly prepared surface to help prevent failures like blistering, flaking and peeling. It remains flexible and can expand and contract with the surface when temperatures rise and fall dramatically so will extend the life of your paint job.

3.) Use top quality application equipment. To get the best results with your top quality paint, be sure to apply it with top quality tools and accessories. They'll make the work much easier and help you apply a thicker, more uniform coat for a better-looking paint job.

4.) Paint under the right weather conditions. It is generally recommended that paint be applied when temperatures are in the 50°F - 80°F range to allow your paint to form a highly protective film that will look great and last for years. Paint only in shaded areas when the temperature is above  80°F

5.) Always apply two coats of paint making sure the first coat is worked into the surface for proper paint adhesion especially on rough surfaces such as stucco and badly weathered wood surfaces. 
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Home Repair

  • Help with HOA color change forms
  • Help with color combinations 
  • Power wash with a mild detergent
  • Renail trim and siding as needed
  • Hand scrap all loose paint / sand
  • Sand all gutters and downspouts 
  • Caulk as needed for a good appreance
  • Prime all bare wood and metal
  • Apply two coats of finish 
  • (7) Year written  guarantee on labor and paint 

Getting started / Masking and caulking                          Sealing all cracks throughout                                       Priming over sealed cracks
Caulking facia corners                                              All edges painted / even lines                            Finished gutters and facia / satin enamel on all trim
Here are a few things that set us apart
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Propery patched damaged stucco. Wood trim sanded, primed, caulked. Two coats finish
We clean and refinish all exterior light fixtures. No extra cost.
We power sand loose paint
for proper adhesion of primers and finish coats
We caulk and repair around all window frames making them better, more protected from the elements  than when they were new
Two coats of paint with proper drying times between coats
 really makes the difference between a home that has " just been painted"  from a home hat has been properly painted in order to protect the homes surfaces for years to come.

Always straight clean  lines on rough stucco

Not just painted,...Protected!
Serrano / Parkway HOA Preferred Vendor